Monday, October 14, 2013

Because I'm His Mama

Because I'm his mama I know that...

Neenee = Rainy

Sheesha = Jesus

bubu = bubble

Nawnaw = Eliana

nack = snack

baw = ball

boo = balloon

boe-dee = birdee

coh = car

no, no, no = "I'm not supposed to do this but I'm doing it anyway"

Some words actually sound like the actual word he is trying to communicate: cookie . Mama . Mom . Dada . bubby . bye . pizza . puppy . owie . uh-oh . boo-boo . ooh-ooh (the Via call)

I also know that when Jude gets my attention and runs to the refrigerator saying "toe-tee, toe-tee" he wants a drink.

I know that when I hear a door shut and Jude is coming down the hall crying, it is because he has been shut out by his bigger siblings.  And he HATES being shut out!

I know that I never have to wonder what his last meal was because I can always find remnants of previous meals on the tips of his hair.

The same word, with different voice inflection can mean a half dozen things, but I can accurately guess which one it is about 89% of the time.

And since I'm his mama I know that he loves to take walks and watch insects crawl on the ground and he would LIVE outside if I would only allow him to.

He is the sweetest thing, but is quickly learning the tricks of the trade from the bully of the family and now gives that bully a run for his money.

Stealing other people's favorite things and running away as fast as he can is his favorite past time.

He adores his sisters and pleads for Zeke to hold him as soon as he walks in the door from school.

He plays just as rough as the rest of them when wrestling with daddy.

Every fury animal says "woof, woof".

When I am only half-way paying attention to him he'll take my face in my hands and force me to make eye contact (melt my heart).

Oh Jude.
Sweet Jude.

You are the perfect end cap to this Colony.

And I am your mama.
Your proud mama.
And I'm excited to get to know you even more.
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