Friday, September 6, 2013

You Know It's Time For Track Out When... can't bring yourself to get out of your cozy quiet time chair to get the kids out of bed think it's acceptable to write the teacher a note stating that homework didn't get done, but not to worry, "we'll work on it this weekend". stand in the kitchen staring at the empty lunch boxes and realize your time is better spent scrounging under the couch cushions and inside the guinea pig feeding fund to gather lunch money zone out when the incoming paper bomb of parent release forms is exploding all around no longer enforce the rule that the children have to wear different outfits during the week (at least we know Zeke changes his undies every day!)

...just hearing the word "vacation" sends you into a fog-like dream with ocean waves crashing on the shore in the distance

We only have one more school day until we track out and head to vacation.


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