Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons

I've sat down to write a post several times, and then life interrupts.

No motivation.

No inspiration.


But this afternoon, oh this afternoon, all three littles decided that a nap was a good idea, and I got some much-needed alone time.

So I crawled into my cozy little yellow chair in my bedroom, opened a bottle of... (haha, just kidding ya'll!) window, turned on some relaxing music and just sat.

To tell you that the past two weeks of my life have been a blur of raw emotion and energy would be an understatement.

But today has actually felt somewhat normal"ish".  I have managed to bring order to my entire house, clean laundry is piled high in a heap on my bedroom floor (just as it should be...right?!), and school was completed by the littles.

By the time I got to actually sit in silence that is all I could do...sit in silence.

I sat and thought about all those lemons.

Those sour lemons that add flavor to life.

When life gives you lemons sometimes you just need to see those lemons for what they really are, a little flavor to make life a little better:-)

Embrace the lemons God has given you today, for tomorrow wouldn't be what it needs to be without them.
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