Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

I finished the 35 mile challenge on Monday!  Wow, what a feeling.  I never thought I'd EVER run this much in my life.  I even had 12 days left.  Bring on the next challenge!

It.Is.HOT outside.  And you can totally tell that my kids have had little outside play time.  All 3 boys have been running around the house like complete maniacs for 3 days!  I'm SO ready for the cooler weather that is supposed to blow in this weekend.

My kids have their Boosterthon this week at school.  I remember bringing home the pamphlet of prizes and dreaming of all the magic that could happen if I could possess all those fun "things" when I was little.  They have been ALL ABOUT it, ha!

My brain is tired today.
I'm glad it's Friday today.
I'm glad it's family day today.
And that is all I've got today:)

Have a great weekend ya'll!
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