Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Free-For-All ~ I Love A Good Swiffer Cleaning and Other Confessions

I remember when I got my first Swiffer.  I'm pretty sure my mom actually bought it for me and I'm not quite sure if my friend, Jenn, had one first or if I did, but we both ended up with one around the exact same time.  We had an instant love affair with our new cleaning companions.  I loved the smell, how light they were, the instant gratification of a mess so nicely cleaned up.  (yes I'm a nerd.)  One day while talking about our new swiffers (hey, we didn't have pets or kids yet, we had to talk about SOMEthing!), we both realized that we had this ridiculous habit of "allowing" things to fall on the floor and make a mess just so we could get our handy dandy little swiffer out and clean up the mess.
OK, so I couldn't find a picture of me and Jenn (I promise she's my best friend!), but this is our girls, and Cana.
Rainy's two best friends about to be in two totally different parts of the world.
It's not every day that you can find a friend that shares such a tight bond.

Now every time I pull out my trusty swiffer to wipe up a spill (that I may or may not have purposefully left on the floor) just to mop up on a sad day (cleaning is therapy. yes I'm a nerd), I think of my sweet friend.  This sweet friend of mine is moving to Haiti in a couple of weeks.  I'm almost positive she won't be able to take her swiffer with her.  It's gonna be a sad, sad day when she has to leave me it behind.  But rest assured Jenn, I will think of you every time I wipe up the sticky apple juice residue and leftover pasta sauce off of the kitchen floor.  (PS-if you have any swiffer juice left over would you mind bringing it on by?;)

Speaking of cleaning...

...does anyone else ever do "the smell test"?  You know, when you find a shirt on the floor and aren't quite sure if it is in need of a washing or not?  You give it the ol' smell test.  Or the baby butt because you keep getting a whiff of something raunchy, or the food in the refrigerator (expiration dates LIE, I tell ya!), the boys undies which have a tendency to get strewn all over the house (Don't ask.  Zeke has an undie fetish) or the jeans that you don't have any recollection of washing any time in the past month (or 3).  No?  Me either, ha!

And since we are into confessions today...

Sometimes when Josh gets home I cry.  Not because he's home, but because he's home.'s like, I've kept my big girl undies on all day, and it's been a ROUGH day, and then in walks my backup and the floodgates have been lifted.  Relief has arrived.  It's pure exhaustion and gratefulness all balled up into one massive ugly cry exhale.  I really DO love you coming home baby!  I love it to tears!

And so I'm off to cry some happy tears because this weary mama has her relief here ALL WEEKEND!!!!!

Bring on the family togetherness!

Happy Friday ya'll:)
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