Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cai on Shark Food and Cute Fish Nibbles

Cai:"Mom, do sharks eat us?"
Me:"Well, yes they can."
Cai:"So is shark food, people?"
Me:"I mean, I guess, kind of.  But they eat other fish too."
Cai:"But fishies just nibble."
Cai:"But we feed sharks people?"
Me:"No baby. We don't FEED people to sharks.  We feed them fish, but they CAN eat people if they think people are going to hurt them."
Cai:"But fishies are cute.  Sharks eat fishies? Why? That is not very nice."
Me:"Well, that's just the way God made them.  They have to eat something and God gave them little fishies to fill up the big fishy bellies."
Cai:"Will the sharks bite our hands when we feed them the cute fishies?"
Me:"Not if we move our hands away really quickly."
Cai:"Yeah! We just have to move them R.E.A.L.L.Y. soft."
Me:"ummm, yes."
Cai:"Can I have lots of more food please?"
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