Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Hands and Feet

I typically do just fine when Josh heads out of town/country, but for some reason this past trip has been exceptionally difficult for me.  I don't exactly know why, but it's just been hard.

Here is the cool thing...God knew that!
Yes, I desperately asked for extra doses of patience and love to go around and for energy and creativity to make it through each day.  But He also laid it on certain individuals hearts as well.  I love how God does that!

My sister-in-law brought over dinner for us one night.
A friend brought over a couple playmates, a feast and adult conversation another night.
Another friend brought over a coffee blessing and demanded me to go get a quick power nap in, knowing I only got about 20 minutes of sleep the night before.
Sweet texts from other friends just telling me they were thinking of and praying for me.
And yet another friend told me to text her a list of anything I might need at the store because she was already out and knew I probably needed something.  Not only did she get me the needed items, but she came bearing Aveeno oatmeal bath for Jude and stress release bath salts and candles for me.

God gives us just what we need, when we need it!
And sometimes it isn't by giving our own hands and feet the superpowers to get through, but instead impresses upon the hearts of others to be the hands and feet that we need.

Thank you ladies for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and for blessing us in such practical (and special) ways:)
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