Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If You Are A Thumb Then Be A Thumb

You know what has always amazed me?
When people get EXCITED to watch my kids!

I mean, when I was growing up I was NEVER a kid person.  I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I did NOT enjoy babysitting.  It felt awkward playing those silly little games.  They smelled.  Their whining was so obnoxious to me.  Those little people felt like foreign objects in my world.

But I had friends that had consistent babysitting jobs that loved on those kids like they were their own.

Then I grew up and had my own kids.
5, to be exact.
And now there are those same kinds of people that actually enjoy MY kids.  They literally THANK US for letting them watch our kids.

I don't get it!

Here is why this is so awesome to me, besides the fact that it blesses this mama's heart to pieces, knowing that my kids are being sincerely loved on while Josh and I are away or serving somewhere.

It is awesome and amazing because this is exactly how the body of Christ works.

God gives each of us talents, gifts, desires and motivations for different things.

If we all just wanted to hang out with kids nobody would be willing to greet the timid that come in the front doors.

And being a greeter, by the way, is also not a gifting of mine, if you remember the profuse sweating and shaky voice that accompanies the very thought:)

Then there are those who love to cook and cater, create set designs, help in the parking lot, volunteer to help clean every week, serve in the soup kitchens and love on the hispanic children whose parents leave them to work in the fields all day.

God calls all believers to be an arm or leg or big toe in the body of Christ.

Some are called to the act of adoption.
Others have a softened heart toward the story of others adopting, and knowing that they themselves cannot do it, can financially or emotionally help another family as they go through the process.

Some people go on short term mission trips.
Others have the finances to help them get there.
And others have the gift of intercessory prayer that cover them the entire time they are ministering.

Some people have been led by God to sell everything they belong in order to follow that calling and become missionaries in another country.
Others see that their own homes are their mission field. Realizing that God has placed them in their very own city and that one doesn't have to live in a 3rd world country to hand out a loaf of bread to someone who is hungry, or bring in a stranger for a family meal or offer assistance to someone in need.

We all can't be the right arm to hold that crying baby, but some people have to be in order to allow those parents to serve somewhere else.  We can't all be the ear that moves overseas to spread the gospel, because then our own nation would be vacant of the love of Christ.  We can't all be the heal that gets up on stage and play an instrument or sing, because then we wouldn't have the discipleship crew to lead the flock or the passionate worshiper within the flock, showing their own freedom in Christ.

The jobs are endless and the workers are few, so when you feel that little tingling motivation that gets you excited that is probably the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something!  Ask God to help you find what part of the body He has called you to be, knowing it may very well be different than what you WANT it to be, and jump into that role.

Nothing is more fulfilling than the thumb realizing it is a thumb and doing the things a thumb is created to do.

"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."
I Corinthians 12:27

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