Friday, June 21, 2013

Story In Pictures ~ Home Away From Home

As I gather all these photos together Rainy is about to board a plane in Entebbe to head home.
(Her trip was cut short by a week and a half due to her great grandaddy passing away.)
Man am I ready to see her face again!

People keep asking me how Rainy did in Uganda.

Well, you can just see for yourself...

Uncle Baikes kept an eye on Rainy in the airplane
Just look at all those smiles!
cousins together again ~ trip from the Entebbe to Jinja
Pastor Godfrey greets Rainy back "home"
cousins doing ministry together in the villages

Rainy with old and new friends.  The little boy with her on the top right is Saffiki.
We have been supporting hims since he entered the babies home!
Rainy and Chickie #2:)
Since Chickie #1 passed away, RIP yummy sweet chicken,
her friend, Vicki, bought her a new one!
the girls leading a few songs at church one Sunday.
2 in English and 2 in Luganda:)

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