Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Death, Burial and...one million questions

I might be scared.

It might be a little cweepy.

Will he tell us something?

Can I touch him?

Will somebody come and close the box?
Can I see when somebody comes and closes the box?
Will Pawpaw be scared when they come and close the box?

My body will be stinky when I die?
Bugs are gonna get me when I die?

In a little bit Zekey will be old.  Then he'll die.  I no want him to die, 'cause then we won't have a Zekey anymore.

Pawpaw was laid to rest beside his daughter
who drowned at the age of four.
I can only imagine the other unasked questions or thoughts going through the little Colony brains as we experienced the wake, funeral and graveside for their great grandaddy.

With Josh in and out for a conference this week, I've been on my own to answer these deep theological questions in a toddler-friendly way to the best of my ability.

I didn't have answers for 100% of the questions that flooded their bedroom last night, but the few answers I did have seemed to quench their need for more, at least for now.

I'm not afraid to tell the kids "I don't know" when answers escape my abundance of knowledge;)

But one thing that I DO KNOW is that Jesus Christ came so that we can have hope.  And that very hope assures us that death here on earth is not the end.

What does the fruit of your life say about your hope?
Where does your hope come from?
Only Christ can satisfy.

So even though the treasures of this world will be eaten by moths and thrown to the wind, our eternal hope will be with us for eternity!

And I pray that is the ONLY answer they seek!
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