Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Running Interference

On most mornings, when Josh is able to sit down with us for breakfast, my job is to run interference.

Running interference looks something like this:

As the colony members crash trickle into the kitchen like a herd of elephants one at a time, patiently remind them to go ahead and take their seat at the table instead of crawling into the cabinet and munching on stray chocolate chips, almond slices and crutons

Preparing the appropriate bowls and pairing them with the appropriate spoons to hold the appropriate breakfast cereal (or eggs, or toast...) for the appropriate child.

Listening to the dad shepherd little Colony hearts in preparation for the day.

another bowl of cereal poured
filling up cups
picking up dropped spoons
more cereal
more bananas
an ice cube for the oatmeal
interject a thought
wipe up a spill
pour more cereal

I like this job of running interference.
Most mornings, anyway;)
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