Monday, May 20, 2013

On A Day Like Today (yesterday)

On a day like today (yesterday) nothing is typical.

On a Sunday morning, when the kids get to wake up AFTER the sun, because the mama took a weekend off from the worship team, you know it's going to be a different kind of day.

On a Sunday morning where divine appointments interrupt a morning message.
And another divine appointment surfaces in between the two.

On a Sunday where I get to sit in the last service with my handsome hubby, as a normal attendee.

When the heavens split open as soon as I gather my change at the check out, resulting in a Colony of sprinters to the car, with prizes for the kids who can cling to their appointed grocery bag without dropping it in a puddle.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon where naps are skipped and movies are watched, waiting patiently for daddy to come home.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon when the rain finally subsides and the sun comes out...and so did we.

We go to check on our new turtle friend, we call Lucy.
She was happy to come out and play.

Then swinging takes precedence.


He is finally here to fill my tank:)
Even mama's need their love tank filled from time to time.
While quietly catching up on the day's events we hear Rainy call from the living room
"MOM, there's a hummingbird!  A hummingbird is in our LIVING ROOM!"

Excitement.  Squeals.  Delight.  Amazement.
So close.
SO cute.

We carefully scoop him into a box.
(***calm down everybody.  We did NOT capture freedom and keep it forever!***)
Snap a few pictures to remember this sweet adventure.
And let him fly away to go find his "famiwee".

Josh is off to fill the girl's tanks.
Butterfly catching near the bunny bush.

Then to top off the boy's tanks with a friendly wrestling match (which I STILL cannot bare to watch).

Oh no! Blood!
Who got hurt?!
There is a tooth on the floor.  The one Zeke told us was ready to come out DAYS ago, but was reluctant to let us get:)
Cheers ensue!

Time for bed.
The Colony kids slip into their beds and final kisses are given as the parents sigh with contentment.

Out on the porch in the dark go mom and dad.
Rain pours.
Soaking us through as we rock back and forth.
Back and forth.

On a day like today, when everything seems different.
Different is okay sometimes.
Today different was good.

(ATTENTION: No animals were harmed in the acting out of this story!)
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