Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Love...

...iced green tea on a relaxing afternoon

...the way Cai sings himself theme songs while eating, dressing, playing, pooping...

...the end of pilates class when we get to sit and "meditate" (this is my happy place)

...when Josh goes barefoot around the yard with his pant legs rolled up

...the feeling of being "all caught up"

...time to walk around in Target, by myself, with a starbuck's beverage, and no time restraints

...watching Alethia take care of her "babies". She is a nurturer to the core

...making lists Jude loves so much to be happy.  He'll start laughing at himself!

...creating blog post titles

...the way Zeke was more devastated about not being able to adequately celebrate his daddy's birthday than the fact that he was puking into a trash can every hour or so on Sunday

...moving furniture around to make everything feel fresh and new

...Rainy's love for critters

...a clean house

...breaking my own record for running a 5k

...seeing little glimpses of the softening the Holy Spirit does in my kid's hearts

...the perfect friends the Lord has placed in my life (even if I DO forget my early morning coffee dates with one of my favorite ones:(

...brilliant colors all around me

...listening to my first child give his life to Christ and tell the Lord that he wants to follow Him for the rest of his life

...and then adamantly insist on getting baptized, even when his fear is screaming against it!
the Colonypraying over Zeke before he got baptized
Josh got to baptize Zeke as his son AND brother in Christ!

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