Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm A Believer!

A few years ago I was having some excruciating pain in my jaw.  I went to the Dentist because it was hurting so bad and they referred me to a chiropractor.

I was like, "Really?", but after several visits the pain went away.

I signed my hubby up right away.  His back just hasn't been the same after falling off of our roof in Charlotte...yes, that really did happen.

Long story short, it wasn't long before our entire family was going.

I believe in the benefits of Chiropractic care, but it's kind of like my Amber Beads experience.  We made a change, the ear infections went away...and STAYED away, so we were just gonna stick with that change.

But that has all changed for me!

On Monday night Josh called me while I was out and told me that Alethia was complaining about her left ear.  By the time she woke up in the morning she was very lethargic and crying off and on because of the pain.  When we got to our weekly chiropractic appointment that afternoon I told Dr. Joe about her ear.  He adjusted her and almost immediately I began to see a discharge draining from her ear.  (It was pretty disgusting.  I'd never seen anything like it!)

It continued to drain on through the day and night.  Her ear was sensitive to the touch and it was still hurting.  We gave her garlic oil drops for the pain, which seemed to take the edge off.

Then, the next morning, the drainage was gone, her pain was gone and she was ear-infection free!

Josh took her back to Dr. Joe for a follow-up adjustment and he said the subluxation was gone!

How incredible is that?!

I no longer doubt that what we are doing is beneficial.

Some of you are thinking that chiropractic care is so pricey.

Dr. Joe has us on a family plan.  We pay 1 fee a month (which is less than our entire family going 1 time a month, through our insurance!) for our entire family to go as many times as we want to a month. We typically go once a week, but like this week, sometimes more.  NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Plus no co-pay at the pediatrician or medicine from pharmacy!
Dr. Joe and his family
So, if you live in the Raleigh area, and are interested in chiropractic care go check out Dr. Joe at Heritage Chiropractic Wellness Center.  He is amazing!
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