Monday, February 11, 2013

Words Of Wisdom / He's 3 #1

When Zeke was two I decided to keep track of all the things that could potentially drive a mama crazy in order to keep perspective.  It was a way to look back at those sometimes cute and always crazy little things he did when he was in that roly-poly-gotta-squeeze-em stage.

Cai is at that stage now where he says (and does) the darndest things.

So again, in order to be able to look back and smile at all his disobedience cuteness I will be documenting those little things:)


Randomly at dinner:

Cai:"I like sticks and berries.  I like to eat them.  Sometimes Chase is mean to me in my class. When Chase is mean to me I like to poot on his head!" - said with a mischievous look in his eye and a cute little giggle:)


We have trained him well, um, I mean, sorry Chase!
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