Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Jude Warren

Our sweet Jude turns 1 year old today!

God graciously gave me a successful pregnancy overseas.
We weren't even sure if he was going to be a boy or a girl.
My delivery was awful.  I thought that I would be stuck with a baby in my belly for the rest of my life!
(Yes, I am well aware that this really can't happen...)
But he finally decided to arrive.
All 7lb. and 4oz of him.

He has been a happy, content baby ever since!

I love how he smiles with his entire body!
I love how he makes everyone else melt.
I love how his siblings love on him.
I love how he wants to be right up in the wrestling matches,
but can also sit, perfectly content, while occupying himself.
I love how he lets me sleep.

He is finally weened, as of 3 days ago:(
(not by his choice, I might add.)

His 9th tooth just broke through, and I'm pretty sure the other 3 molars are right behind.

He is a cruising champ and loves to walk with assistance.

He is getting to be a picky eater.
Not that he doesn't really like things, but if he has a hankering for something else,
you better watch out, 'cause he'll make a fuss 'til he gets it.

Happy Birthday Jude.

I am so glad God decided to let me be your mommy!
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