Monday, January 21, 2013

The Birds and The Bees with a side of Mashed Potatoes

After scarfing down dinner way too fast I began getting that Sunday-Night-After-Church-Social-Feeling that comes after waiting too long to eat something.

I made the frowny face as Josh lovingly patted my belly.

And this is the conversation that followed:

Zeke: "Mom! You have a BABY IN YOUR TUMMY?!"

(because apparently you may not rub a belly unless there is a baby inside, ha:)

Josh and I: "NOOOOO!!!"

(because our Colony is sanity says so:)

Areyna: "Yeah, because mommy told me that daddy had an appointment that made him not be able to anymore."

(it was a while ago, so he's okay now, don't worry:)

Josh and I: "Yes, that's right. Because God made babies to come from mom's and dad's.  They have to work together or you can't have a baby."

(straight forward, but truthful, for all the little ears listening)

Zeke: "That's good, 'cause the baby would have to come out of your bootie" 

(said with a grossed out look)

Areyna laughed out loud.
Cai and Alethia looked completely disturbed.

Josh and I began to explain the, "well, not really..."

and then Rainy interrupts with: "Not exactly.  It's really out of her private parts"

Oh the look on Zeke's face as he tried to figure that one out..."'s little..."

The conversation continued on until all the questions were answered.

I'm not quite sure this conversation should necessarily be repeated over ham and mashed potatoes next time, but when the Colony is too curious to move on to any other topic, I guess we ran out of choices, ha!

The birds and the bees have been unleashed.
Watch out world (and just tell them to ask mommy and daddy if the questions come your way)!
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