Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Sift

With the 2-hour delay because of the snow and my grocery shopping with the Colony, my Friday got away from me.  And since every post needs a clever name you're stuck with me as I sift through my thoughts and reflect on this past week.

Last night at dinner I was cleaning up the dishes while Zeke finished up his 4th helping.  He looked up at me and said, "You know, some people don't have anything to eat.  That's sad.  What do they do when it's time to eat?"  I tried to explain that some people just don't get to eat when it's time to eat.  Then he said, "Well why don't they just use rocks?  That's what they used to use for money."

If only it were that easy:)

Cai told me he wanted to go to the store and buy me a dress for my birthday.  How sweet is that?  Oh yeah, I turned 34 on Thursday.  Another birthday gone by.  But I'm not skurd!  Bring on the mid-30's!

Jude is a meatatarian.  He doesn't seem to be satisfied until he has consumed some kind of meat, ha!

The kids had a blast in the snow...except for the fact that Areyna's snowman kept falling apart and Zeke got hurt going down the hill on the sled...and Jude, well, he was just having a hard time getting around in all his snow gear:)  It reminded me of  David, the shepherd boy in the King's armor, ha!

Yesterday I found myself with family all over the world.  My father-in-law was on his way home from the Philippines, my parents are in Africa, a brother-in-law is in Afghanistan, and another brother-in-law was finally reunited with his daughter in Uganda...what a blessing technology is!

On that note, I'm hopping off of my technology pedestal and going to watch Rescue Bots with my boys.

Happy Saturday ya'll!
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