Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Me Monday

I may not be good at many things...

...but there are three things that I am consistently good at.

1 - knowing my surroundings
2 - staying focused
3 - going to the bathroom as soon as I feel like I need to

And it's a good thing too, because if just one of those three things gets missed we are in big trouble around here.

And boy, if two of those three things gets missed then we are in even BIGGER trouble.

But if all three of them were to get missed...

...well, why don't we just put a "hypothetical" scenario out there for ya:)

Let's just say that I got caught up in straightening up the kitchen (for the third time in 2 hours. Again, I'm left asking myself how in the world this happens!) that I neglected to go to the bathroom until it was almost too late.

Realizing the, um, imperative need to quickly MAKE time for the bathroom break, I rush down the hallway toward my room.

About half-way to my bedroom door (or so I thought), Alethia shouts, "MOM!".

And being the good mommy that I am, I spin around to see who could possibly be holding her hostage what she needed, only to find her twirling her pretty dress super high.

What girl doesn't want her mommy to see her super high twirling dress!

As I gave a less-than-half-hearted, "awesome baby", I quickly spin around to complete the remaining track down the hallway...

...only to find that I have, in fact run out of hallway, and am crashing head-on nose-on to the door frame of our bedroom...with a hard thunk and a "CRACK".

As soon as my nose began to bleed I realized that I had most likely just broken my nose...

...simply because I waited too long to go to the bathroom.

And what 34-year-old has to be reminded to go pee-pee on the potty, ha!

Good thing that never happened last night;)

Because if it did, I'd surely make up a cool story for the broken nose like a bar fight or protecting my kids from a large bear.

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