Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Free-For-All


Just the word makes me all giddy inside.

Josh likes to mess with me and downplay it:

  "Babe, it's not gonna do anything."
"Anytime now. It's gonna stop snowing anytime now."
"Don't get all excited. It's gonna stop in a minute."

But I refuse to let his destroyer-of-excitement-over-weather games mess with my head:)

So, the fact that we are supposed to get some kind of wintry weather beginning this afternoon has got me all kinds of excited!

The older 4 colony members have all passed their first aid class in "scooping"!  They have mastered getting stickers, squinkies, Legos and various other small objects out of Jude's mouth with ease.  He doesn't try to swallow them, he just likes to chew on EVERYTHING!  The workers at the gym call him "PacMan" because he sticks everything in his mouth.

This is short and sweet today because Cai just said he wanted to do school, and the fact that he said that means that it needs to happen NOW, before he loses interest:)

So, I hope you have a GREAT day today!
Happy Friday Ya'll!!!
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