Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Better Life

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what it is that Alethia has gained from stepping out of her old life into her new life with us.

We ration the milk and cereal.

We don't buy our kids whatever they want.

We have to tell "no" sometimes.

But our kids' needs are met.
Not by our doing, because it NEVER makes sense on paper.  The Lord provides it all!

But what is it that we have given her that the Babies home could not?

She once lived in poverty.
She no longer does.

She once was alone, without a family to love her.
She is no longer alone, but part of a family that chooses to love her.

What is it that makes life better for her now?  It isn't what she can accumulate.  It isn't what she can get. It isn't the amount of groceries stocked in the pantry or the number of pretty dresses hanging in her closet.

It is, however, a family that loves her. Takes care of her. Shares Christ's truth with her in every practical sense.  Siblings that see her as their own. It is more than her last name that proves that she IS a Via, but the love from her forever family that God has placed her in, even when her skin color shows no sign of the connection.

That is what adoption is.

Loving her enough to tell her "no", yet loving her enough to tell her "you are ours".
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