Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank You

I have been exhausted today.

My body just doesn't want to move.


But content.

Contentment has led to thankfulness.

Nothing has seemed very urgent today so I've been in my jammies almost all day.
(I did just get out of the shower so don't judge;)

I've been communicating to God all day.

Praying for friends that I've never met as well as friends very close.
Life is hard.
It can be cut short.

It seems that when my own life has a break from the waves of chaos, my heart begins to bleed for others and what they are going through.

When I have days like today where I spend the majority of my day on the floor playing with cars or fixing hair (instead of frantically trying to keep up with the laundry or household chores) I have a lot of space to think.

A lot of space to pray.

A lot of space to move my heart to simple thanksgiving.

Just thankful for a window day in December.
The gentle breeze.
Naps for sleepy children.
A yard to play in.
The obvious fruit we have seen in Areyna's life lately.
Slobbery kisses from 5 healthy, beautiful children.
The house God has provided for us.
Difficulties in our past that are a direct link to the blessings in our present and future.

I love days like today.

Days when the ordinary things hold no weight.
Days when the space can be filled with prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

God is good.
All the time.

Make sure you find the time to thank God for even the simplest of things.
For we are not promised another day.
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