Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Encourage Your Kids To Tattle

We have begun to encourage our kids to tattle.

Well...kind of.

We've been learning about cooperation as a family this month, but it's a little hard to teach cooperation while sifting through the petty arguments that surface on an hourly daily basis.  Working together means showing grace and love while putting others' needs before your own.

So Josh, in all his creativity, began to make a game out of it.

We are referring to our "Learning to Love" chart and have re-directed its purpose for this game.

The kids have been challenged to "catch" their siblings being kind and working together.  The purpose is to encourage our kids to see the good that others are doing with the added bonus of cutting down on the negative tattling.

They get a "learning to love" photo clipped on their picture for the act of love they see in someone else.

It can be so difficult to brag on someone else and the good things they are doing, but what a gift it could be to instill the gift of bragging on others.

I'm not sure how much my kids will cling to this concept, but I know it's been challenging for me:)

Parenting = Humbling
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