Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

I'm sitting here at 9:45 this morning with my cup of coffee and computer.

The kids are still sleeping, it was a super late rehearsal night last night, so it's just me and my pandora playlist...and the 50mph gusts of wind blowing yard toys all around the yard.

It has been a really good week.

Since all of our Christmas shopping and running around was done I had one goal for the week.

To enjoy my kids!
Areyna and Zeke aren't going to be tracked out forever and I don't want their only memories of the Christmas season to be of a frazzled mom with way too much going on that she couldn't even sit down and read Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day or Pinkalicious 12 more times!

So I have held my household duties lightly this week.  Still accomplishing what needed to be done, but not worrying about all the little details.  I mentally had to make myself put my kids at the top of my priority list.  That way if they came to me for help or asked me to read to them I didn't view it as a distraction (as I often do) but simply an invitation to take a break with my favorite little people on the planet.

Some of you are like, "wow, you have to mentally prepare yourself to enjoy your kids?"  And my response would be "yes"!  Being a mom doesn't always come so naturally to me.  I'm a mom-in-progress:)

Back to the planet is the end of the world today and there are a few things I need to get off of my chest before we head out.

1) I lied to my kids at the bank the other day and told them the banker did NOT give us candy at the drive through.  I may have discretely slipped the 3 mint candies into my pocket for later consumption.

2) Saturday is supposed to be bath day around the Colony household.  THE only bath day of the week most of the time.  And last week, well, they didn't even get that one!  Yes, that was my children you smelled in the hallway at church on Sunday morning.

3) I secretly pretend not to hear my 3 and 4 year olds cries for help to "wipe my bootie!!!!" in hopes of Josh hearing it and doing the deed.

4) Josh and I love to play "that's what she said".  We only have to look at each other when we ever hear a good statement that could be followed with that statement now.  I mean you have to with 5 little sets of ears listening to everything you say.  I would encourage you and your spouse to join forces and listen carefully throughout the day for those little opportunities to laugh!

5) I wish I could bottle up Cai's giggles, Jude's snuggles, Alethia's smile, Zeke's compassion and Areyna's enthusiasm to open up on sad days.

I'll leave you with this photo.  It encapsulates the Colony perfectly.
The girls creating, crafting and playing together. Cai bouncing from daddy's wrestling match and bothering the girls.  Zeke on the move.  ALWAYS on the move.  Josh just waiting to make his move.  Jude right in the middle of the chaos.  Sometimes oblivious to the impending doom all around him and other times right on top of the dog pile!  And then there is me.  The mom who just sits back and tries to store it all in her heart.

Happy end of the world ya'll!
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