Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Free-For-All


Such a simple word.
Such a small word.
Such an innocent word...
until you are its recipient.

I had the honor of the flu's presence on Wednesday night.
Every 20-30 minutes, ALL NIGHT LONG, to be exact.

Which made for a blur of a Thursday.
I didn't see much daylight as I spent the entire day in bed sleeping it all off.

As a result, I opted out of the bedtime routine with the kids last night.
I sat in the kitchen working on bills (yippee) and listened in to the family devotions.  I got to overhear the sweet exchanges between the innocent questions of the Colony and the wisdom of their daddy.
Zeke was less-than thrilled with the fact that angels do not have skin.  I'm pretty sure we lost him there, ha!
The conversation continued to carry on for quite some time until Areyna suggested that they all just sit quietly and try to listen for God.  After a couple of minutes of sitting in silence Josh began asking them what God had told them.  It was such a sweet thing to listen to:) BTW, God told Cai that they could play cars together someday:)

I'm 99% done getting ready for Christmas.  All we have to do is go to Five Below and let the kids pick out their gifts for their cousins!

I will be sharing a photo journal of our 1st annual Girls vs. Boys Colony-Christmas-Gingerbread-Decorating-Create-A-Wonderland-Kick-Some-Butt-Bottom-Do-Your-Bestathon Extravaganza.  It was quite the event!

This day, 2 years ago, we found out we were pregnant...and then we found out that it was an abnormal pregnancy, that we were already saying goodbye to our baby and that I could have died if I would have waited any longer to go into the doctor.  Sheesh, life sure isn't easy. We were never promised that anyway, but I sure am thankful for a God who heals, protects and comforts.

We had a multitude of pumpkins around the house this fall. As in almost a dozen!  We decided that the pumpkins that surrounded the manger scene in the front yard may be giving mixed signals.  It didn't take long for Rainy to come up with a creative way to put them to good use though:)

Some people have "snowmen".  The Colony has "pumpkinmen".  I get a conglomeration of morbid and fun feelings every time I look at them.

Well, that's enough rambling.
It appears that I may be the one playing Dr. today.  Poor Josh is the one honored today.

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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