Friday, November 9, 2012

Jude Warren - 9 Months

 Jude Warren ~ 9 Months
21.4 lb

This boy loves life!

 He doesn't hold still for very long anymore

He is the owner of a total of 4 teeth

He still eats very well
He's even beginning to eat some of the more bland things we eat

His sleep had been interrupted by a terrible sinus infection
but after a round of antibiotics he decided sleeping through the night was WAY better:)

He has pretty bad allergies, but he remains pretty happy through the snot bubbles and drainage

 He became a crawling pro

as well as beginning to bear crawl

and climb up on small objects around the house


as of 3 days ago, he has started pulling up on furniture

We all know it's just a matter of time now...

our adorable, disobedient children just keep growing up!

A Few Of My Favorite Things:
I love how he eats and eats and then begins blowing raspberries to show us he's all done.
He chews on EVERYTHING!
He playfully kicks his feet when he's happy.
He said "mama" for the first time. (not at me, but at least I heard the sound:)
His nickname around the Colony has become "Juju"
He loves to play games.
Everything makes him laugh.
Loves to wrestle!
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