Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Me Monday

Josh and I had been having some issues with our refrigerator.

We were pretty sure that it was on its way out, so we informed our landlord not to be alarmed if they got a call from us in the near future that it would need to be replaced.

(Just ONE of the upsides of renting!)

So after just a few weeks they had found a perfect fit on Craigslist.

We made the switch and moved everything into its new, cooler home.

And you know how transitions go with our family...ALWAYS predictable, ALWAYS the way they are supposed to go!


So we would NEVER have to keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the refrigerator to cool down to its appropriate temperature.

NOPE, appliances LOVE us!

There would be NO NEED to scour the interior and exterior of the above mentioned refrigerator looking for any other instructions that we may have overlooked.


But even if we were to find out that we got a not-so-good refrigerator we would NEVER lay hands on the thing (even though that's what the super spiritual types do, ha!), desperately asking God to miraculously cause the cooling agents to do their thing (because who wants to have to call their landlord that you need help fixing the same problem, again!).

I mean, we believe that God sees every need, but really, a refrigerator?

Come on, that's just ridiculous!

It would be even more ridiculous if He answered our prayer with firmer sticks of butter and cooler beverages 3-4 days after laying hands on it...or would it?:)

Thank you Jesus!
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