Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom

Weather Bears

When I was a preschool teacher I remembered my kids LOVING the weather bear.

I googled "weather bear" images and found the exact same set.

I'm not a big fan of paying money for something that I can make myself relatively easily.

I printed off two sets
(they are much smaller than the actual set you buy at a store)

cut them out and "laminated" them with packaging tape

I used a window frame we had hanging in a different room in our house
to make it our "Weather Center"

Each day we talk about the seasons, the weather and they each get to dress their bear!

I've also designated a helper for the day.
(I include Areyna and Zeke with this too)
The helper gets to erase the boards as well as help me with meals in the kitchen.
This cuts down on the fighting discussions about who gets to do what:)
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