Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jude Warren ~ 8 Months

 Jude Warren Via
8 months ~ 18 pounds

It's been a busy month around here.
Jude is on the move!

 Last Saturday he began to do the rocking back and forth.
By Sunday night he was rocking and lunging.

He began taking off on Monday!
He ventured from room to room on Tuesday morning.

And today, well, let's just say that everything on floor level is free game, ha!

 He will have NOTHING to do with the exersaucer or Johnny-Jump-Up anymore.

He wants Lego pieces, Barbie accessories 
and anything else that his siblings would rather him NOT have:)

But man is he happy, snuggly and one of the 6 highlights of my day!

We're sporting the army fatigues for Uncle Russell today.
We sure miss you and can't wait until you get home:)
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