Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sticks and stones...

....may break some bones.

But mostly they are just meant to be played with!

Josh and I really enjoy creating fun environments for our kids to play in.

Our latest area is our "fenced in area" (go ahead and laugh Andrew:) for our chicken, that doesn't exist, ha!

We had worked on clearing it out a few months back, but it had since grown back over.  Those roots in there are stubborn.

So, with the beautiful weather, and a lovely family day we decided to work on it again, this time focusing on digging all the roots out.

We got to work.

About 30 minutes in and the creative wheels began turning in my head.

I confiscated the girls and headed to Wal-mart and Lowe's, leaving the men to do the dirty work:)

We came back with some plywood, and small decorations to create a house that has already gotten in more playtime than any other toy they possess!
Solar lamps to light up the way at night
Every house needs some flowers
Some citronella to keep the bugs away

Yes, I made the table and painted it with chalk paint.
Also, two boards to hang on the fence: one for chalk and the other for painting. 
Toy box to keep everything dry.
Fence hangings from the color samples in the painting area at Lowes:)

As you can tell they have been playing late into the night:)
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