Friday, September 21, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom - Shadows

Learning Together's Preschool class has been learning about shadows.

We decided to take it outside to make it a little more hands-on!

We each grabbed a piece of chalk and began tracing shadows.

Shadows of trees
Notice the form.
Who cares about the fact that chalk doesn't show up in grass
the fact that Alethia has totally missed the shadow outline, ha!
Shadows from bushes on the driveway
Notice Cai's cute (favorite) undies:)
Shadows of US
Notice how Cai still has his jammy shirt on.

We also found some shadows of power lines and from the roof
to measure the shadow movement throughout the day.
Now that was fun.
I'm pretty sure the kids thought that I was preforming some kind of magic:)

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