Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Life Isn't Urgent

Between the highness of the mountaintop

and the lowness of the valley

there is life in between.

I've found that life is just as hard to live in the in between.

Coasting can be hard.

The quietness can be even harder.

And staying consistent and far from complacency can feel impossible.

Anticipation of the mountaintop can be exhausting.

Recovering from the valley can be paralyzing.

So how do you live life in between these two extremes,

wanting to be aware, yet trying to stay guarded from living life in fear of the next impending disaster.

Wanting the thrill of hearing and feeling that oh-so quiet voice, yet knowing that it's unrealistic to expect to remain in that high forever.

I don't exactly have the perfect answer.

I'm still becoming, a work in progress.

But learning to become still, and being content in that still, that is when we prepare...

That's when we breathe.

God is always at work.

We aren't always in a season where He shows Himself greatest through our pain.

Neither are we forever in a season of continual exuberance.

Sometimes He seems distant and quiet.

But He is always at work...preparing...tilling...molding...waiting for our obedience and/or action...

Just breathe.

The storms will rise and the mountaintops will be breathe-taking, but be content in every season.

Even when life doesn't seem so urgent.
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