Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

It's Friday.  SWEET Friday!  SWEET Nothing-But-Family FRIDAY!

The more I speak yesterday's verse over myself, the harder I work throughout the day.  Which makes for one tired mama by the end of each day.  It's the good kind of tired though.  Kind of like the feeling you get after double-header soccer games during a tournament.  Your body aches and hurts and feels like it just can't go any more, but you just lay in your dorm room bed and smile, because you know you gave it your all.  OK, so that example was a little dated, but I still remember that feeling;)

Anyway...I'm just excited for family day, that's all!

I just read one of the best books.  It is going to be my go-to resource to tell families about who are dealing with attachment issues in their adoptions!  It's called, "The Forever Child: A Tale of Anger and Fear" by Nancy Clark and Bryan Post.

Thursdays are chiropractor days.  I'm not normally a shorts girl, but yesterday I was.  I try to steer clear of shorts and dresses on chiropractor days for obvious reasons, but I forgot while getting dressed yesterday.  I had to apologize to my chiropractor saying, "Sorry, I shave for NOone but my husband" and occasionally my OB, ha!

Cai's new nickname is "The Destroyer".  At least he doesn't lie about it, though:)  On vacation he snuck into the 2000 piece puzzle sector of the vacation house and completely destroyed the 3 days of work that the family had done, leaving no 2 pieces connected.  Uncle Baikes very quickly became aware of any time "The Destroyer" got closer than 5 feet from the table.

Yesterday I kept hearing a snapping noise from the preschool classroom.  I looked over and Cai was breaking crayons in half.  Instead of yelling, "NOOOOOO Cai!  STOP!" like my typical response causes me to do, I walked over to him, and calmly asked him, "Buddy, why are you breaking some of the crayons?"  He told me that he was just breaking all the crayons with super hero paper wrapping on them because the bad guys on them were being bad, ha!  I don't think ALL of his destroying tendencies are meant to be mean.

But then there are morning like this morning.  Zeke comes running into the room, "Moooooommmmmm!!!  Cai just destroyed my batman lego house!"  I quickly beckon Cai into my room to get to the bottom of his destroying frenzy.
Me:"Cai, did you destroy Zeke's toys."
Me:"Why did you do that?"
Cai:"Because I hit the computer"
Me:"Um...why did you hit the computer?"
Cai"Because I spank Jude"
Me:"You spanked Jude?!"
Me:"Well, why did you spank Jude"
Cai:"I done hit him with a book too"
Me:"OK, go tell Zeke and Jude you are sorry and PLEASE BE NICE."


Our mailbox has been the recipient of its last late-night banter with the "you-shouldn't-have-a-license" fantoms.  He has been hit many times and made a beautiful comeback, but last night was he breathed his last:(  The only thing Zeke was worried about was the fact that "Now, my last birthday present can't come in the mail!!!!"

And, if this face isn't the cutest face you ever did see...

Well, I'm off to enjoy my day!

Happy Friday, ya'll!
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