Saturday, July 28, 2012

Confessions Of An Off-Duty Mom

One day there was a husband who decided he wanted to bless his wife with a night off.

He packed up the 5 small colony members and headed to rehearsal.

The mommy of five was left sitting in a quiet house...all alone.

She wasn't quite sure what to do with all this...silence...and time...

So she just gave in to her every desire,
embracing the silence (and abundance of toys),
and smiled with sheer joy as she indulged, 
without even a thought of what kind of example she was setting.
Because, she was in fact, all alone.

She found the most prized scooter and hopped on!
Around and around she went.
Hair blowing in the breeze.
 Oh the thrill!

"Life couldn't get much better than this," she thought to herself.

But then she remembered the sacred batman Lego's inside,
that she had ALWAYS wanted to play with.
She ran sauntered inside.
She got to work creating her OWN versions of Bat Mobiles and bad guy jets.
There were no other little fingers grabbing her pieces
or screaming voices battling for parts.
It was just her and the Lego's.

The next adventure that came to mind was the Polly Pocket house.
The oldest 4 colony members always had their own way of "organizing" this house.
But now it was the mommy's turn.
Her magic fingers got to work as her creative mind exploded with ideas.

She had been so busy playing that she hardly realized that she had to go potty.
And then the thought occurred to her.
This may be her ONLY chance to EVER try on Cai's
"Mickey Mouse"-really-"Minnie-Mouse" undies.
They were a bit snug, but she didn't care.
She felt FREE!

It was time for dinner.
A dinner that she didn't have to cook.
Or clean up.

Then she got to watch TV.

Then it occurred to her...
What if the husband got home and asked what she had done with her night
She needed an alibi.
But she decided that she could at least feel and look elegant.
She snuck into the girls' room and found her favorite princess dress...
 ...and got to work on the mountain of laundry,
as "Princess Sparkles", 
pretending that the mountain of laundry was really a sea of lilacs 
needing to be picked for the prince who was soon to arrive.

What a lovely night she had while the children were out.

I wonder what adventures will come on her next night off-duty;)
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