Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Me Monday (On Tuesday)

It's a good thing we have such a small compact car.

Because if we had one of these massive SUV's I might have a hard time parking this beast of a car.

I might try to pull into the only empty space at the gym, in between a brand new BMW and a curb with a beautifully planted brand new tree

And totally pull in catawampus, nearly hitting the car AND the tree while managing to drive 3 of the tires up on the curb.

And, as if that wouldn't be embarrassing enough, I would have a nice onlooker in her car WAITING for me to get out of the way, while I try to jimmy the beast of a car back and forth trying to straighten out.

After just sitting in the car in order to allow the nice lady to make her way by, the colony in the back would begin asking me what in the world we are doing...driving all crazy, up and down on curbs, screeching tires and then just sitting, as I nervously laugh and sweat profusely...

But if that were to happen I would NEVER get so embarrassed that I would sink down in the drivers seat and try to hide (like one can hide in such a beast of a car parked all crazy-like up on a curb between a brand new BMW and a beautifully planted brand new tree), waiting for the on-looker to find a spot and go on her merry way.

Oh no...I always own up to my embarrassing moments.

I'd surely not sneak a quick peak in my side mirror to make sure the onlooker had left, only to see the onlooker peering through the window at me motioning for me to roll the window down asking if I needed her help.

Gosh, I hope that NEVER happens to me!
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