Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Broken Record

Sometimes I feel like I could just leave the house and keep a recording of the most frequently said responses on repeat and my kids would get along just fine:)

Here are a few things that I catch myself saying on (at least) a daily basis:

Zeke, go put your costumes away.

Cai, stop taking their toys.

Alethia, did you wipe your bootie?

How do we obey? All the way, right away, with a happy heart.

Alethia, you may only have ONE MORE bowl of cereal.  You're gonna get a tummy ache.

Cai, stop whining.


Rainy, your jammies are on the floor again.

We don't say "I want"

Cai, stop hitting.

Zeke, what in the world are you crying about?

If someone says "stop" you stop! (sound familiar mom?)

Cai, go sit in the fussy box!


If you can't share it you may not have it.

I already gave you hugs and kisses...go get back in bed:)

Alethia, your shoes are on the floor AGAIN, go put them away please.

Don't freak out when the timer goes off.

You get what you get and you don't get upset.

Rainy, you are not the mom!

Listen and obey.

Care to add to the list?:)
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