Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

Well, wouldn't you know, the day after I talk about Jude and how UNinterested in food he is, he starts waking up in the night and eating twice as much during the day.  He just wouldn't get full!

So, we decided it was time for some oatmeal.

I'm pretty sure I was more excited about it than he was, but he ate the whole serving I fixed him none-the-less.

The girls were DYING to feed him.  It was team effort, which I'm sure they will master in no time.  Areyna will get the bite ready on the spoon while Alethia gently holds his hands down.  Then after Areyna has fed him a bite Alethia will wipe up the "leftovers" with her bib.  Yes, HER bib.  I'm sure we have a boy-friendly bib around here somewhere, but I highly doubt little Jude cares one way or the other:)

Josh has been taking turns taking a kid with him to work or around town for some of his meetings.  Yesterday was Zeke's turn, so after the 3 littlest littles snuggled up cozily for a nap Areyna and I had some sweet mommy daughter time.  We took a blanket out in the backyard, packed up a little snack and enjoyed the afternoon together.  Just the two of us:)

My life has quickly become a research field for learning disabilities, children's anxiety, processing and sensory dysfunction and attachment disabilities.  I've got books piling up on my desk so fast that I can't keep up with them all.  If I stop to think about how far I have to go to just grasp the knowledge of what each of my children is going through it can become overwhelming.  But Josh quickly reminded me that I will NEVER be everything that my kids need!  I'm not SUPPOSED to be everything they need.  But I can become as knowledgeable as I can and seek the Lord's wisdom so that I can be the mom God needs me to be for the five littles He has entrusted to me.

For me, that is much easier said than done, but it's a process:)

Areyna should be able to finish first grade by the end of next week, CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH!

Hey, it's Friday ya'll!

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