Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jude - 3 Months

Jude Warren - 14 lb

Jude turned 3 months old yesterday.  
That means that Alethia has been home 4 months tomorrow!  

Boy, does time fly!

Here is what Jude is up to now:

This boy is the happiest little boy I've ever seen!

When he really gets going his laugh resembles a smokers cough
and he starts kicking his legs like crazy:)

He's a bit camera shy.  
He won't give me the time of day when I get the camera out,
but his smirk and smile are to DIE for, I PROMISE!

Areyna can get Jude to laugh at ANYTHING she does, ha!

He doesn't like to lay down but for a few minutes.  
He would rather be up watching the small colony all around him.

He is eating every 4 hours or so and is sleeping from about 10:30pm to at least 8:30am!
Have I mentioned that he is an AWESOME baby!

He is super ticklish:)

He loves to help me with laundry...
I mean, who can complain about folding clothes
when you have these big blue eyes staring at you?!

He still smiles when people stare right into his eyes!
I LOVE that about him...

He has a new toy.
He loves his exersaucer!

He found his hands this month.
He'll grab at toys!
It's so cute the way he can't control them yet 
and he continually hits himself in the face while he tries to find them...sigh:)

He's a full-fledged tummy sleeper.

He's also a full-fledged thumb sucker:)
I really thought it might just be a phase, but he LOVES him some thumb!
Although he almost always ends up with his hands straight down by his sides.

You might remember that he was rolling over when he was just a few weeks old.
Well, he took a month or so off, but he's at it again.
I've found him rolled over on his back twice in the past 3 days!

We all sure love "baby Jude" and can't imagine life without him!
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