Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In The Dark

I'm sitting in the office.

It's already 10pm.

Is it really ONLY 10pm?

All the lights are off.

I've got Bon Iver playing in the background.

Josh is giving the final kisses goodnight to our Colony down the hall.

It's been a day.

Not a bad day.

Not necessarily a GREAT day.

Just a day.

You know...a day filled with normal, everyday mom stuff...

We got back from Memphis L.A.T.E. last night.

After: following a huge storm all the way from Marion, NC to Rolesville, two bathroom stops, a few tempter tantrums, an "accident" in a Batman car seat, a Jude who doesn't like his carseat or riding in a car .period. finally fell asleep, adding 2 more stickers to our tripometer because of the aformentioned events, and then finally hearing 5 different snoring rhythms from the backseat(s) just 10 minutes before we roll up in the driveway.

When Josh got home tonight he finally looked at me and said, "You used all your words up today, huh?"

Yes, yes I did.

They are all gone.

And now I must go to bed.

Goodnight sweet friends.

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