Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Story In Pictures - The Donut Factory

Our family LOVES family day!

Mondays are our family days since we work/serve all weekend long!

This Monday was rainy, cold and we were quickly on our way down the "Monday Blahs" road so we needed a plan of action for the day, and quick!

 As soon as we arrived at the donut factory at Krispy Kreme the workers let the kids pick out a balloon.  Cai kept looking at me, confused...he didn't want a cheap plastic balloon that would pop (yes, they will pop, and usually it will be the most sensitive kid whose balloon will pop first, starting the fun family outing with an all-out freak-out in the middle of the factory...but that didn't happen to us, nope!  Opt for the baker's hats instead...:), he wanted a big juicy donut!

Again, I'm pretty sure Jude was the most enthusiastic.

All-in-all this was a super fun family outing,
minus the my-balloon-popped-I-MUST-HAVE-A-BALLOON freak-out:)
I'm telling you, OPT FOR THE BAKERS HAT!!!!
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