Monday, April 23, 2012


One of my college soccer coaches used to make us play this game called "Catch-up" for punishment:)  It was a hard game.  There was no margin for mistakes and there was no option to give up.

Oh the analogies I could pull from this illustration, but alas, when Monday roles around after a long (although GREAT) weekend of ministry, my brain is mush!

So, instead of sharing from the depths of my soul I'm just going to play a quick round of Catch-up about life.

Areyna celebrates a birthday the day after her Meme.  Yes, I know, her birthday was the end of February and I am just now writing about it, but if I were caught up on life then we couldn't play this little game now, could we;)  She turned 7 and, like I've posted about recently, she really has grown and matured over the past few months.  Isn't she beautiful?!

Last Saturday was Josh's birthday.  We spent the day catching planes to Memphis together.  Not a bad way to spend a birthday, but I still wanted to do something special for him.  We kind of spread out the festivities.  After we got home I took Areyna and Zeke out to pick out a present for their daddy. Areyna's knew exactly what she wanted to get her daddy, but couldn't find it and Zeke...well, he looked and looked, and changed his mind a zagillion times before landing on the Transformers movie:)  Then, while Josh was gone at a D-now this weekend we sat down together took advantage of Zeke's love for writing letters to people.  We wrote an attribute for each letter of the alphabet, just to let Josh know that we love him, even when he is gone!

In other news, I may or may not have caught myself growling at my kids today out of frustration that normal or am I alone in this (if that actually did happen)?

We were hit pretty hard by some family news that has got my mind reeling...which only adds to the mushiness of my brain today, but thank goodness for FAMILY DAY!  I'll be posting about that soon:)

Happy Monday ya'll! (even though it is rainy and gloomy and the kids have made sticky messes all over the house:)
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