Friday, April 20, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom - March 2012

Since it's almost time to do a school update for April I decided that I'd better get March in before all is lost in the vast space of my mind.

Sadly, I only have a few pictures of actual school progress, but I assure you, fun was had and things were learned!

We learned about Dr. Seuss and read many of his works throughout the month.  The kids are REALLY looking forward to our "group time" where we read our Author(s) of the month books.  Zeke says it is his FAVORITE thing about school:)

Then there was Holy Week which took up a lot of time.

I've also been focusing on Areyna's reading.  My mom, who is a reading tutor, said she could already tell a big difference in Rainy's reading from when she was here when Jude was born.  I think that encouragement only fueled Areyna's dimly lit reading flame.  It has gotten bigger and brighter ever so slowly, but I do believe she is beginning to enjoy reading.

We've been reading A LOT as a family.  My mom wisely offered some helpful ideas for our bedtime routine that we began implementing.  After reoccurring nighttime issues she suggested reading to them in their beds at night.  That way they are already in bed and their heart rates are beginning to slow, which makes for a calmer "good night" than the wrestling matches and tickle fests that we were having:)  But don't you worry, we still fit those in too!  (This is a great tool to help them get ready for bed quicker.  If they don't do what they are supposed to do they don't get their story time!)  It does make for a longer bedtime ritual and it is more time consuming on a mom who is spent by about 8pm.  Josh has gladly taken on this responsibility!

Sometimes we read all together as a family, depending on attention spans and happy hearts, but for the most part he will read to the boys first and tuck them in and then go in to the girls room and read to them.  We began reading through Tales From Beatrix Potter and Rainy and Zeke have REALLY enjoyed that time with their daddy:)

Another thing we focused on in March was DaVinci and VanGough and learned about their lives and works.  Then, of course, we had to do a little of our own painting.

Our verse for the month came out of 2 Thessalonians.  I'm slowly learning how to shift my brain to help Zeke grasp concepts.  We made a puzzle out of our memory verse to help us all remember it better, while giving Zeke something hands-on to do.

Lastly, did you know that March was National Poultry Month?  Of course you did;)  We took a trip to a farm down the street from Meme and Poppie's and learned about miniature ponies, chickens and gardening.  Areyna was in her element!

First, we all got to take turns taking carriage rides with Mrs. Candy (while talking to her during my turn she said she was living out her childhood dream.  Just look at her joy!).
Areyna and Cai could have ridden all day!

Alethia was pretty fearful at first, but that is just her way.  After she warms up to a new thing she has a good time.

And Zeke, well, he is Zeke:)  He decided that he wanted to participate if he could sit on daddy's lap...

I really think that Jude was the most enthusiastic about the whole experience, but that's just me, ha!

After the pony ride we went back to the farm and played with the chickens.

Hmmm...does this picture remind you of a certain little girl with a certain little chickie in Uganda?!

 Then each of the kids got to take a turn picking the eggs up and putting them in the carton.

All in all March was a great month!

Oh, and this is definitely noteworthy... Zeke can now recognize numbers 1-10 98% of the time (those 6 and 10's are so tricky) and is beginning to recognize numbers on the clock and do simple addition:)
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