Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Me Monday

Like I've said before, I am awesome at coming up with sides for dinner and remembering my plan.  Therefore, I did NOT bake some yummy potatoes for dinner the other night, only to find them 3 DAYS LATER, still sitting in the oven, a little less yummy and quite a big colder.
Oh no, not me!

I did not have to tell areyna that she could NOT wear eye shadow to Ashley's wedding on Saturday...because she IS NOT growing up.
Nope, not my daughter.

I did NOT sit on the couch taking an obscene amount of pictures of my little Zeke because he was actually wearing real clothes.  And looking super cute in them:)
Zeke in real clothes?
Looking super cute?
Because he's growing up?

I don't think so!

Jude does NOT have his one month check-up tomorrow afternoon.

Nope, I just brought him home from the hospital.

I have NOT spent countless amounts of time on the phone with Pediatricians and Pharmacies trying to track down the right Malaria meds for Alethia.

Oh no, not here in America!

I did NOT spend Sunday afternoon blog stalking a new favorite blog of mine.

Nope, I don't blog stalk anyone, not me.

Sunday afternoons are just like any other day around here, so the fact that we came home from an awesome morning at our church to lay on a blanket under the bright blue sky...

taking a nap next to the cutest baby(s) on the planet...

jumping on the trampoline with the delighted Areyna and Zeke...

and taking fun pictures...

would NEVER happen.






But what a refreshing day that would be:)
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