Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MMMM - Intro.

Minimalist Meals for Many Mouths

A family of seven.

That's what we are now.

We have also been watching what we eat in a whole different way.  Josh got this cool app on his phone to calculate his calories and it also calculates what you need more of, like protein or iron, so this has added a whole new twist on the grocery budget and shopping.

I feel as though I'm finally getting my groove back, though.  I have been cutting coupons and beginning to re-stock our pantry, but I have realized that we needed to get practical and realistic.

We are really seeing that "little" really is "more"!

We don't have to have extravagant meals to be healthy and to get in the kinds of foods that we need while still filling all of our bellies, we just have to get creative.

So, with all that said, I decided it would be fun to start a category for posts that highlight our meals/snacks/foods that make our bodies healthy, our tummy's full and our pocket-book happy:)

So, here is our first MMforMM:

Hard boiled eggs.  

Yup, that is it!  We have a family just down the road with a farm.  They have been selling us their eggs and they are yummy!  We can get a dozen, brown, organic eggs for $1.50.  We have been going through 2-3 dozen eggs a week.  We can use them in all three meals or for a simple, healthy snack.  ALL the kids love can't beat that!

I usually boil a dozen eggs as soon as we get home with them and put them in a bowl in the refrigerator.  The kids will eat one with lunch, or we'll cut one up in our salad or just grab one to go for a snack.

Allowing the littles to crack and de-shell their own eggs is also a fun activity that keeps them occupied long enough for you to fix your own plate!

Health Facts:
Eggs are rich in Vitamin B (specifically B12), and protein.  They also help fight memory loss, are good for your heart and help our eyes.  It doesn't hurt that they are low-carb either.

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