Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's All About The Choice From Your Heart

I LOVE Valentine's Day!

I love making it fun for the kids.

I love sneaking special little notes around the house for Josh.  And I can always tell when he's come across one of them when I hear a little giggle.  Yes, giggle:)
I love thinking about all the little things that make me love each individual in my family.

I love taking a special day out of the year just for expressing that love for those closest to me whom God has placed in my life.

But, last night as I was cutting hearts and decorating for our fun day it continued to get interrupted by two girls fighting over covers and bed space and boys crying for another sip of water and just "one more kiss from Baby Jude". 
When it was time to start thinking of all the cute little things that I loved about each one of those kids who occupy those not-so-quiet rooms in our house, it quite honestly felt a little forced at first.  I knew that it was just a feeling and that it would pass and I decided to continue.  It didn't take long for my heart to soften, thinking of the way Zeke likes to give gifts to everyone, no matter what day it is, or the way Areyna helps so much with all her brothers and sister.  Then there is Alethia and that contagious smile of hers, and the way that Cai can look so darn cute as he carries out a disobedient act, making it almost impossible to discipline him.  And I can't forget sweet little Jude and his snuggles and smell and little fohawk:)

Then there is the man who is my best friend who I get to live life with.  I could go on and on about the things that I love about that man!

This morning as the kids came out of their rooms giggling with delight at the paper trail of hearts on the floor...

And the name places on the table...

And paper heart chandelier,

I was reminded of how sometimes it can seem hard to love those around us.  At times it may be burdensome, even forced, but love isn't something that always comes naturally, especially when there is any certain amount of whining or fighting with the other involved party:)  But love is a choice.  We can choose to give up when it gets hard to love that hard-to-love other person, or make that choice to work at it...
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