Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Date(s) Day

My mom gifted us with an afternoon lunch date the day before Valentines to get out, just the two of us, just to enjoy each others company.  I wouldn't want to spend an afternoon with anyone more than my best friend:)

But even after our date together we still had plenty of little Valentine's needing to spend some special time with us.  We ended up having a day full of dates yesterday.

Josh decided to take his girls out for an afternoon at the salon.  He told me that Alethia absolutely LOVED her first manicure...if you couldn't already tell from the pictures:)  Then they finished off the afternoon with some ice cream.

Then I decided that while the 2 littlest(s) were sleeping, that Zeke and I would sneak out for our own little date.  We took a stroll through the library as he helped pick out books for each of his siblings.  He is a giver and this was a perfect way to show his brothers and sisters love, by picking out books that he thought each one of them would love.  Then we headed over to Sweet Cici's and indulged in some awesome ice cream.
Yes I am very well aware that the weather was beautiful outside yesterday and that my little stud looked like he was ready for a blizzard, but that's how he rolls:)

And what better way to end the evening that a family sized fort!  By the way, my mom came across the most brilliant idea!  Fitted bed sheets are fabulous for fort building.  They fit perfectly across the tops of chairs and tables...brilliant I tell you!
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