Thursday, September 1, 2011

And She Shall Be Called...

Names are important to Josh and I.

It takes us FOREVER to come up with baby names, and after one of my best friends gave birth to a little boy after being promised that it was a girl, I never 100% believe the ultrasound technician when they tell us either way.  We always have a back-up name "just in case":)

So, choosing a name for our Ugandan daughter has been no different.

Yes, she already has a name.  A beautiful name!  We are used to calling her by her birth name. 

We have checked with reliable sources, thanks Andrew, to find the background and meaning to her birth name.  It means, "Lively Life".  A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.  MY little girl!


But to us, we are bringing her into a new family.  A new life.  A new season. 

You know when a new convert from the Muslim religion to Christianity changes their Muslim name to a Christian name?  Well, that is kind of how I am looking at it.

We are bringing her out of her Orphan state and giving her a loving family.  She is going to become ours.

Honestly, I've kind of struggled with the whole name changing thing, for some reason.  I guess I just felt like we were changing enough on her all at once, and changing her name was something that was hers.  Something that was familiar that she could hold on to.

But after Josh spoke his feelings toward the name change to me I've agreed that this is important to the whole transition into our family.

We've always loved the name we chose and are still working on a middle name, wanting to stick with her heritage and roots somewhere in there.  So now we are trying to mentally make the transition from thinking of her as Shabila to our Alethia.

Alethia is Greek for Truth,  and we pray that she will  know the Truth and that she will boldly shine the light of that Truth to others!
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