Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

It's been a little different around our house this week.

My brother and his wife drove in from the DC area to come and visit.  It was nice to have them here and catch up on their lives up north.  We really don't get to see my family all that much because of distance and craziness of life, so it was pretty sweet to be able to connect outside of the holiday hustle and bustle.

Another update is that my parents will be moving back here to the East Coast from Colorado!  I have mixed feelings about all that.  Only because selfishly it was nice to know that we had a get-away in the mountains to go to.  But really, with 5 (soon to be 7) plain tickets to purchase it was tough to really "get away", so we are welcoming their move to Marion, NC in just a couple of weeks!  Bring on the 1.7 Acres of fun to run around on:)

I felt the first baby flutters this week.  Every morning our little one wakes up with me and gives a little kick to let me know he/she's up and at 'em for the morning.  I-Love-It!  They are getting more frequent throughout the day now.  Can you believe we can find out if it's a boy or a girl in just 3 short weeks!

With little to no warning Cai has entered into the "Terrible Two's".  I mean, running full force and busting down the door into this stage!  The whole arching the back, throwing down on the floor and screaming has hit a new level within just the past few days...and so it goes...another stage of life begins for our sweet, sweet little Cai-bo.  Dear Lord give me patience!

I am so ready for fall that I can hardly stand it.  I am having to restrain myself from opening up all the windows at 7am when it is nice and cool, knowing that it will soon be muggy and hot by the time the kids get out of bed.  But soon enough it will be here.

Ahhhh, the football playing in the background, the kids running around in the yard, the pumpkin spice candles burning throughout the house and something yummy baking in the oven...

Josh just called and he landed safely in Memphis.  He is there playing at Fellowship Memphis again this weekend.  I know he feels totally out of his element, but I absolutely love hearing him practice his black gospel sets for this church!  Brings back so many good BSU memories from college:)

Have I mentioned how much I love my man lately?!

Wow, can you tell my husband is gone.  I could go on and on today.  I must have a lot of extra words to get out, ha!

I better stop while I'm ahead though:)

Have a GREAT Friday, ya'll!
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