Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eliminating Anxiety

After going off of my anxiety medication for this pregnancy I quickly realized that I was going to have to work extra hard at finding the triggers for my anxiety if I was going to be able to cope well as a pregnant mommy and wife.

Some of my triggers are just things that are necessary for our family to do to get by.  One of those is couponing.  Just thinking about the whole process that needs to be done to get a grocery list together was becoming overwhelming to me, though!

But, I needed to prioritize what was best for our family in this season in our lives.  I had to decide to put my family and our sanity before saving a few bucks at the grocery store.

Couponing isn't bad.  But getting anxious and overwhelmed just thinking about it IS!  The pressure.  Josh totally took the pressure off by confirming that if it made me anxious to get rid of it.  Just hearing him say it took a load off my chest (as if he wouldn't support me otherwise...oh yea of little faith:). 

I have continued to keep up with expired coupons and cutting and organizing them but with no strings attached.  If I have time (and motivation) I'll get online and get my deals and grocery list ready, but there is NO pressure.  Otherwise, I'll just make a grocery list the way I used to and go to the store with the cheapest prices.  I just have to choose to buy less and make healthier choices with the money we do have.

It was hard to not feel guilty at first, but I am all about eliminating anxiety triggers to keep this baby healthy, not to mention my relationships with my other family members:)

I know that this is just a season and I'll be back on the couponing wagon again, but for now, I choose sanity and tranquility, ha!

What triggers your anxiety that you just have to choose to cut out of your life sometimes?


Dana Brown Ritter said...

Making a home-cooked dinner. I usually do this, and I love to! But, sometimes, with all of the stress of traveling so much for work, commuting, and caregiving for my husband, when I get home in the late afternoon, I just want to sit there.

He is so supportive, and will happily order in, or deal with Lean Cuisine for dinner when this happens.

Much better than dealing with an anxiety-ridden wife!

Emily said...

oh my goodness, I can relate. I struggle with anxiety a lot. I don't really notice that there are any certain triggers (maybe money issues. Like needing to find a job before the bills are due), but i do find that I have to watch my caffeine and sugar intake. I get very worried and anxious when I've had too much of either. But I find that I'm not worried or anxious over anything in particular. I just am overwhelmed by this feeling of fear. It's terrible.
You know, people say just to trust God, or pray when I feel like that, but there is something almost tangible about the feeling, and although I do believe that it is something that God can free me from, it is much more than what I think most people deal with, or understand. Do you find that people don't seem to understand how you can struggle with it? sometimes I feel like I'm crazy haha.

Tasha Via said...

Dana, I can totally relate to the home-cooked meal for dinner! In fact, the local Mexican restaurant saved my family last night, ha!

Emily, I do know how you feel, and that is when, for me, I realized that it was more than just the typical worry and anxiety that most people deal with. It is a chemical issue. You should read my post about my exact feelings on it! Hope it will help you...

Stacey said...

Tash, that is a loaded question.

Triggers for me are "performance trap" of sorts. God has helped me to recognize it and I am thankful.

I, my kids, my family, don't have to meet everyone else's expectation. We are a unit with no strings attached and we don't have to keep up with the "Jones".

I'm going to hang it up on that note or the internet with crash with one simple "blog comment" invitation! Ha! =)

Like I said, loaded.

jayandjoy said...

Couponing is one of mine as well... My wonderful husband told me the exact same thing. My anxiety and tears were not worth the extra money we would save by me couponing. I still try to find good deals and every once and awhile I will get motivated to get the coupons out. I did had to deal with a great amount of anxiety and guilt after i stopped couponing feeling like i was not being a good wife and good stewards of our money But now we just work hard to save money in other areas.

kaylietess said...

I am blessed with the gift of almost no anxiety as an adult (I got a free massage a few weeks ago and the lady told me it was good it was free or it would have been a waste of money)

However, it hasn't always been this way. I had anxiety all the way through school and it literally ended the day I graduated college. I never struggled with school or testing, in fact I excelled at everything so it was more of a performance anxiety.

All that to say that is why we are already looking into homeschooling. I don't want achievement to get in the way of my kids' learning as they grow up. So inspired by what you are doing!