Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Update Of The Adoption Variety

By the way, I have NO IDEA who these people are, so don't ask;)
Wow, I believe that Adoption is by far the most emotionally up and down process I have ever been a part of.  I know, so worth it, but man...

The last I heard is that, as of yesterday the last of our documents are being finalized in Uganda with our Attorney.  It should be submitted to court very soon!

Along these same lines, we are asking people to pray specifically for the judge that gets assigned to our case.  We know of some processes going extremely fast after getting assigned to a judge, as well as other cases who have come to an abrupt halt at this exact same point.  So this is our prayer, that the Lord will soften the heart of all the judges doing these adoption cases, but more specifically, the one whose hands our dossier gets assigned to.  This could be a difference between a few weeks until we travel to a few months (or more).  This is huge, and we don't take prayer lightly.

Our Little Girl:
My sister-in-law, Joy, is on a mission trip and actually got to spend a few days with our little girl.  It has been so awesome to get day-to-day updates on her personality and character!  We even got to talk to our little girl on the phone yesterday!  Joy called yesterday morning and asked if I'd like her to put our baby on the phone.  I told her not to worry about it...JUST KIDDING!  I said, "Heck Yes!" as all my kids here at home crowded around the phone and we each took turns telling her we loved her and couldn't wait to see her and bring her home:)  What a special moment that was for all of us!

Joy says that she is full of character, very prissy, healthy and LOVES attention.


Our estimated goal for this adoption is $33,000.  We have already paid $13,600 into that.  We've raised a few thousand more than that to start saving for our travel (and attorney fees) which will be coming up quicker than we can imagine, I'm sure.

as of 6/21/11 - $11,100 : That may seem like a lot to you, but if you've been riding this journey with us from the beginning you may feel the same as us...that's nothin'!  God has been showing off this entire process and we are anxious to see how He plays this out.

We've been denied 3 of the 6 Grants that we applied for and haven't heard back from the rest.  So, we wait.

Current Fundraisers:
You can still download Josh's Resurrection Songs.
We are still collecting change.
Donate on PayPal.
Buy Coffee.  Yup, if you buy coffee from our store set up with JustLove Coffee, we get $5 for every bag you purchase. 

You can help us raise awareness by helping the Uganda Adoption Blogs site stay in the TOP 25 on Circle of Moms.  You have until 8pm tonight to vote.  You don't have to sign up for anything, you just have to click "voted".  It's that Simple!  Thanks for helping us out:)

We are very close.  We are over half-way there in the process as well as financially.  Thank you to everyone who is walking this journey with us!  It feels weird to put it all out there for the world to see, but so many of you have been asking, and I know that I would want to know. I'm just nosy like that:)

Remember - You can keep up with our funding and timeline on the  Adoption tab at the top of the page.
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